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    Yntinvest.limited is the online investment arm of YNT Invest Limited, a financial services company that gives profits to all their clients by using robots that have proven to be accurate overtime. Trading assets is quite a risky business but the risks are limited when robots, which have been designed by professionals to trade under stipulated conditions, are employed. Using robots is helpful because they attach no emotions while trading, which is one of the main reasons why people hardly make profits.

    Profits on Yntinvest.limited range from 108% to 158.4%. There are 8 different investment packages but you can start with the least plan of $10 which expires after 240 hours.

    Yntinvest.limited’s referral benefits are also plenty. With their five referral levels, you can earn up to 21% since they pay 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, and 6% from the first level to the sixth level respectively. Based on this, we can say that Yntinvest.limited values those who try to network for the company in order to introduce more investors.

    There is a bonus for every new member especially those who are ready to start earning from Yntinvest.limited. The $10 bonus is not given directly to you but the profits realized from it will be all yours. To activate it, you would have to deposit an amount, no matter how little you may think it is. Just another $10 deposit will unlock the bonus and you will be eligible to earn from two sources.

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